Whenever I’m faced with a decision on what software to use, I always try to find similar tools for comparison’s sake before picking one. In the past, I’ve used alternativeto and stackshare. Just recently, I found out about the whole /uses list. Crowdsourcing what other developers are using is a good way to pick up some new and better tools, I think.

So, I thought I would contribute by making my own /uses!


Visual Studio Code - No surprises here. A solid editor.


  • Dracula - My dark theme of choice.
  • JetBrains Mono - My favorite font. I even have font ligatures on, why not?
  • Hadolint - Lint those Dockerfiles!
  • RGBDS Z80 - A language extension for programming in Game Boy assembly. Pretty cool that this exists!

Desktop Apps

  • Apple Reminders - Free push notifications is something I did not expect to be a must-have feature. But here we are.
  • Apple Notes - Painless cloud sync. Giovanni Collazo said it first.
  • Notion - I’m trying to move my entire workflow to Notion. No luck so far, but I’ll give it some more time.
  • Insomnia - Open source REST client, great for some ad-hoc testing.
  • Firefox - Switched from Chrome a few years ago and have not looked back.
  • iTerm2 - As far as I’m concerned, THE terminal for macOS.
  • 1Password - Currently in the process of migrating from LastPass. I prefer 1Password’s client and overall features.


MacBook Air 2018 - Not much to say about this one, except that it’s the first laptop I bought after I got my first job!


Code Formatters/Linters

  • Shellcheck - This tool has made bash (simple) scripting a tolerable idea.
  • Black - Python code formatter which is auto-installed in any new Python project I start.
  • semi-standard - Big fan of StandardJS… except for the whole semi-colon thing.

My macOS dotfiles

This Website

Like it says on the sidebar, this website is built and served using a combination of Github Pages, Hugo, Route53 and Markdown!