Open Source Projects

Here are my open-source projects as well as some projects I’ve contributed to.


A command-line interface for reading the latest from local news sites in Puerto Rico.

Tech Highlights:

  • NodeJS
  • Web scraping
  • Available on npm


An open-source API for Caribbean Cinemas.

Tech Highlights:


Django app for handling ATH Móvil payments.

Tech Highlights:


A Nintendo Game Boy port of the Google Chrome T-Rex game.

Tech Highlights:

  • C
  • Makefile


Slack bot for posting the menu of our office’s café daily.

Tech Highlights:

  • Python
  • Slack bot
  • Web scraping


Replace bad words with asterisks in your Django templates.

Tech Highlights:


Get adjacency and distance information on Puerto Rico’s 78 municipalities.

Tech Highlights:

vgstack (Work-in-progress)

Keep track of your video game backlog. My full-stack clone of The Backloggery.

Tech Highlights:

  • Backend:
    • Django
    • PostgreSQL
    • Django Rest Framework
  • Frontend:
    • EmberJS
    • Bootstrap 4


A Super Smash Bros. tourney organizer featuring the famous “VERSUS” announcers!

Tech Highlights:

  • Text-to-Speech
  • Available on PyPI

Other open-source projects I've worked on

  • notaso - Migrated to Django 2, testing, bug fixes, maintenance.

  • 1hora - Migrated to Django 2, migrated internal state machine from django-states2 to django-fsm, bug fixes, maintenance.

  • suministrospr - Some query optimizations and migration squashing.